From March 1, 2022, Microsoft updated the list pricing for the following commercial products: Microsoft 365 Business Basic (from US$5 to US$6 per user), Microsoft 365 Business Premium (from US$20 to US$22), Office 365 E1 (from US$8 to US$10), Office 365 E3 (from US$20 to US$23), Office 365 E5 (from US$35 to US$38), and Microsoft 365 E3 (from US$32 to US$36).

We have added the local currency for these products for your reference.

Product NameUSDAUD% Increase
Microsoft 365 Business Basic68.220.0%
Microsoft 365 Business Premium2230.210.0%
Office 365 E11013.725.0%
Office 365 E32333.315.0%
Office 365 E538558.6%
Microsoft 365 E33252.212.5%

All prices listed above are annual commit per user per month RRP before tax.

The price change only applies to commercial customers and government customers purchasing the above commercial products under CSP. There are no changes to pricing for education and consumer products at this time.

Under Microsoft CSP price protection rule, current customers who are using the products under CSP will only be impacted at the end of their current subscription term. Accordingly, new subscriptions created and subscriptions renewed from June 1, 2022 onward will be billed under the new price.

An additional 20% price premium also applies for new subscription created under the New Commerce Experience (NCE) monthly term offer.

For more details, please refer to the price change announcement blog from Microsoft here.

Next steps:

• Read the blog post from Microsoft.

• Pricing adjustments will be reflected in CSP consumption invoices for period June 2022 onwards.

• You can elect to change to annual commit for your Microsoft products, recommended for subscriptions and license requirements unlikely to change during this time.